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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Creative Kids Provider?
Yes, I accept Creative Kids Vouchers.

Do you hire other drum teachers?
No. I've always choosen to be the only teacher at my drumming school.

Are drum lessons worth it?
Basically it depends on how well you want to play. The best drummers out there had, and probably continue to have private lessons. People learn from videos but the instructor in the videos is not watching how you play or hearing how you sound. A private teacher can not only follow a program according to your individual pace, but also give you frequent, immediate and detailed feedback, and, most importantly, correct your technique. Last but not least, a fantastic drummer may not be the best teacher for you.

How much is an average drum lesson?
It depends on your area, the teacher's experience or the music school. Keep in mind that a good teacher is preferable over a great school. Music schools may charge you as much as an experienced private teacher, but the school will have to hire a less expert teacher in order to have profit. A reasonable rate per hour lesson in Australia is $80 if the teacher has at least about 15 years of teaching experience. Click here to see my rates.

What age is good to start drum lessons?
I've had students as young as 3. Generally speaking we have fun learning how to hit a drum using simple patterns and many times following songs that have clear snare and bass drum sounds. My oldest students are close to their 80's and they enjoy the lessons and learn well.

Do you teach during school holidays?
Yes. Some students choose to do a more intensive program with one or two extra lessons per week. Others choose to continue regular lesson. Some prefer to take time out, and in cases like this you don't pay for the time you are not coming to lessons.

Do I need to own a drumkit to start learning?
Absolutely not. With a pair of sticks (and a rubber practice pad if you wish) you can practice stick control, rudiments and coordination exercises. Alternatively you can hire the drum room to practice outside your lesson time.

Do you teach group lessons?
If you really want to, I can teach two people at the same time. But in fact all lessons are one-on-one. Up to two carers can stay comfortably in the drum room during lessons.

What payment methods do you accept?
Cash, bank transfer and Creative Kids Voucher.

Can I have more than one lesson per week?
Yes. One weekly lesson is recommended. Two is also a good choice. Three is recommended if you want to do more practice with me watching, listening and giving you feedback; or if you practice at home in between sessions.

How long did it take you to write the books Pegada Drum Method?
I started composing the books in 2006. They were ready in 2008 but I'm always learning something new and adding that to the books. As of 2024 we are on edition number 14.

Do you sell drumsticks? And how about drumkits?
I usually have drumsticks for sale. Sometimes I buy drumkits from students and then sell them to new students that are looking for an entry level kit.