Pegada Drum Method

Pegada Drum Method

Step-by-step methodology

The art of drumming is about fun and expressing yourself. But you might need the right 'tools' to achieve the level of expression that you desire.

Pegada Drum Method is the most powerful and complete step-by-step syllabus I have seen. No wonder it's being used by other teachers in three continents.

When combined with evidence based teaching strategies it's guaranteed that all beginners learn how to play. Intermediate level drummers will transform the way they approach traditional study methods, rebuilding skills from the ground up.

One certificate per level
  • 5 levels: Fundamentals to Intermediate, Mid-Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Lower Advanced, and Mid to Upper Advanced.
  • From the first book you find instructions that multiply previously learned content in very smart ways.
  • Written by a Brazilian/Australian drummer with more than 25 years of teaching experience.
In conjunction with the instructions in the book, I will:
✓ follow a program according to your individual pace;
✓ give you frequent, immediate and detailed feedback;
✓ teach you how to play your favourite songs;
✓ suggest songs for you to learn;
✓ answer your questions;
✓ and, most importantly, correct your technique.

You find other tutors out there using Pegada whose advertisements say 'learn from the best' or 'highly professional teacher'. That is very rewarding to me.

Visit the Reviews page and find out what students have achieved and are happy about.

For now the following video will give you an idea of a beginners lesson covering some basic fills:

Learn more about Pegada Drum Method.

220+ Easy Songs To Play On The Drum Kit.

Pegada Drum Method for teachers

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AMEB or Trinity Exams

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