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Student testimonial: Travis Joyce
★★★★★ Travis Joyce
Whilst playing regularly in cover bands for many years I had not committed any time to practicing or improving my skills. Returning to drum tuition with Claudio at Drum Lessons Sydney has given me the ability to eliminate bad habits and rebuild my skills from the ground up. I am now practicing daily and my coordination and technique have improved significantly in only a short period of time. I highly recommend Claudio for tuition of drummers at any level of playing.
Travis was the official drummer for the Springsteen tribute band Glory Days - The Boss Experience at that time.
Student testimonial: Jensen Martin
★★★★★ Jensen Martin
I have been learning drums from Claudio for roughly 7 years. He has consistently and passionately taught me how to play everything from jazz to metal, teaching not only how to read music, but also how to feel the rhythm and how to improvise. He is also very patient - I started when I was a little kid, and I would more often than not stray off track. Claudio remained patient with me, and with his steady guidance, my drumming developed into something special. I owe all to him, and that’s why I’m giving drum lessons sydney a 5 star review.
Jensen's band Beanstalk won the Sutherland Shire's Battle of the Bands 2024.
Student testimonial: Jacqui Gray
★★★★★ Jacqui Gray
Having no previous drumming experience I have been taking lessons from Claudio for a few months. I had an intro lesson and was instantly hooked. I have so much fun during my lessons - Claudio's method always keeps things interesting by mixing musical and technique exercises. I am amazed at how fast I have progressed under Claudio's teaching. Learning the drums is a real joy because of Claudio's guidance. I would highly recommend Claudio to anyone wanting to learn drums.
Student testimonial: Matt Steele
★★★★★ Matt Steele
Learning an instrument is intimidating and challenging, Claudio has every skill to make you meet those challenges but in his friendly and supportive approach. His talent to teach shines through the love he has for playing drums equal to his love for teaching. Ive been a student of him for a while now and had to stop due to work commitments, highly recommend him. Dont believe me? Go see him play. He's incendiary. Incendiary.
Matt is the singer for the Zeppelin Live Australia.
Student testimonial: Jo W
★★★★★ Jo W
I started my weekly lessons with Claudio a few years ago (in my mid-fifties). I had never played the drums before but found Claudio's website and opted to book an introductory lesson which I really enjoyed. I feel very blessed to have chosen to learn with Claudio as his style of teaching and his methodology have enabled me to see my progression from the Fundamental to the Intermediate level. Claudio keeps each lesson varied and with the right amount of challenge. I find it a great brain and coordination workout and would highly recommend Claudio for drummers of any age or ability!
Student testimonial: Thomas Onus
★★★★★ Thomas Onus
I started learning the drums with Claudio a few years ago with zero experience. He has a great program that starts with the fundamentals and builds on that to make you a complete player. I love the challenge and the lessons are a great way to become a complete player. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I now jam with friends and learn my favourite songs. Claudio is very patient, knowledgeable, experienced (as a player and teacher) and always positive.
Student testimonial: Mike Benkovich
★★★★★ Mike Benkovich
Claudio is a champion! It's been a dream of mine for years to learn how to play drums and with his teaching I am finally getting the hang of it.
Student testimonial: Gisele McCarthy
★★★★★ Gisele McCarthy
Im so in love and passionate about drumming, and you are so supportive. Im lucky to have you as my teacher. Thanks Claudio!!!
Student testimonial: Pierre Osteil
★★★★★ Pierre Osteil
I have been learning drum for more than 2 years now and I am still enjoying it. Claudio is a great teacher, always positive and very patient, with a good sense of humor. He also is among the cheaper teacher in Sydney. I go there every week and its always been a great moment. You will know how to play your favourite song faster than you can expect and for that I highly recommend him.
Student testimonial: Yee Wei Yeow
★★★★★ Yee Wei Yeow
Loved the lessons with Claudio! Hes a very good teacher. At first I sent my kids there and ended up taking lessons from him myself because it looked like so much fun :)
Student testimonial: Jonathan Harper
★★★★★ Jonathan Harper
I have been a student of Claudio's for 5 years now. I started as a mature age student and love it so much. My niece saw me playing and she wanted to learn so I sent her to Claudio's school too. She loves learning also. So you will not be disappointed young or old Claudio has a great system of learning. Nice and structured. Claudio is very patient. Highly recommended.
Student testimonial: M Ricciardi
★★★★★ M Ricciardi
I have sent several of my piano students to have drum lessons with Claudio and I can easily confirm he's by far one of the best drum teachers I've encountered in my professional life. He's extremely dedicated and above all deliver results! I couldn't recommend him more highly!
Student testimonial: Geison Costa
★★★★★ Geison Costa
Claudio helped me build the confidence I needed to become a professional drummer. After a few months improving my techniques from his lessons, I signed a contract to play on a cruise ship in Europe.
Geison worked for Pullmantur Cruises from 2006 to 2012 and Royal Caribbean in 2011, traveling to more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Geison was one of the five finalists of the main Brazilian drummers contest (BATUKA) in 2004.
Student testimonial: Guillaume Deront
★★★★★ Guillaume Deront
I've been taking lessons with Claudio for over a year. He is showing rigour and patience to really help improve my coordination and to open up to new beats, patterns and influences. I'm delighted to have him on board of my current musical project. I highly recommend him as a drum teacher.
Student testimonial: Alex Garnier
★★★★★ Alex Garnier
I had Claudio as my drum teacher for almost two years. He taught me more things in a year than I learned in the 4 previous years of dum lessons in Sydney. My coordination and understanding about rhythms increased enormously, and all this was fun mixed to serious and methodical teaching.
Student testimonial: Gareth Hemara
★★★★★ Gareth Hemara
After a few years playing drums in Sydney, Claudio showed me some different drumming styles, and I chose him to teach me how to play drums properly. He's very patient and teaches me according to my skill level. The private drum lessons are cool because the focus is on me. He showed me fundamental exercises that have become very important for the creation of my own fills. So stoked I found this guy! I'd recommend him to anyone looking to further develop their drumming skills.
Student testimonial: Ricardo Santos
★★★★★ Ricardo Santos
I've been having such a great time learning how to play the drums with Claudio. He's extremely knowledgeable and patient. If you want to learn for a drums teacher, give Claudio a call. You won't regret it.
Student testimonial: Chen Kevin
★★★★★ Chen Kevin
Fantastic teacher, very nice and helpful with great knowledge and patience,my son had a big progress under his instructions. Strongly recommend for this teacher.
Student testimonial: Louis Baury
★★★★★ Louis Baury
Claudio is a very good teacher, I started drumming with him. His lessons are really good. Learnt a lot. I recommend him if you want to learn drums.
★★★★★ Linda Martin
★★★★★ Mister Seb

New student Jerry already playing a gig